My Final Entry


          While I did not have a chance to completely finish Red Dead Redemption, since we have reached the end of this semester, this will be my final entry.  Red Dead Redemption was a truly fun and great game to play.  It did go on to win a number of awards during 2010, and deservingly so.  While I did not finish it this time around, I have previously beaten it one time before.

          Marston goes on to aid the rebels in defeating Colonel Allende and completing the revolution.  Marston goes on to find Williamson and Escuella in the Perdido fort, where he finally captures them and turns them in the American officials holding his family.  Marston then returns to the modern city of Blackwater out in the Plains in search of his final target, Dutch.  Eventually, John captures him as well, holed up deep in a fort in the mountains.  With all three men captured, Marston returns home to his family and attempts to rebuild his ranch just outside the Plains.  After some time though, the U.S. officials bring an entire army with them to Marston’s home, to finish the job of eliminating the main players of Marston’s old gang.  Marston holds them off long enough for his family to escape, but is killed by the overwhelming forces.  The game then jumps about ten years where you play a final epilogue like mission as Marston’s son.  Out for revenge, John’s son goes on a manhunt for the men responsible for killing his father.  When he finally tracks down the man and confronts him, the game ends with one final shot from your pistol, killing the man and the screen exploding into a red mess saying RED DEAD REDEMPTION.

          The game ends on a great note and I love how it comes full circle at the end flashing the title of the game in all its red glory just as Marston’s son gets redemption for the death of his father.  This was a great game Rockstar, proving the West is a viable source for games in the future, which I truly look forward to playing.

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