The Rebels’ Struggle


          Once Marston reaches Luisa’s house, he finds her and her family busy at work preparing to leave.  Luisa explains that revolution is sweeping through the countryside and it is no longer safe for her family to remain where they are.  As a favor, she asks Marston to escort her younger sister to the docks where she will meet some other family to live with while the others move to hide deep in the hills.  The simple wagon ride turns into a daring chase as Mexican army soldiers have set up road blocks all over in search of rebels, and they must reach the docks before sunset or risk being left behind.

          After Luisa’s sister reaches the docks safely, Marston returns to Luisa’s house to find the rest of the family gone and Luisa crying.  She explains that she has much patriotic fervor and remained behind to help the cause.  She also explains that her lover, Abraham Reyes, the leader of the rebels, has been captured by the Mexican army and that she fears the revolution will end.  Marston agrees to help her rescue him from Perdido, a Mexican army fort for holding prisoners.  John climbs a broken part of the wall, uses a sniper to take out the executioners, and takes Reyes out of the fort on horseback while being chased by soldiers to a Luisa where she is waiting for him.  Reyes goes on to tell Marston that he is debt to him for saving his life and that he will do all that he can to find Escuella and Williamson if he helps the rebels’ cause.

          John then returns to Captain de Santo in a final attempt to follow up on the leads in search of those men.  Colonel Allende tells John that they have captured the men and are holding them in Chuparoosa.  Once they escort Marston there, they lead him into a church and tell him that his services will no longer will be needed.  Just when it seems like its all over, the rebels launch a surprise attack to rescue Marston and a huge battle erupts.  Once the fighting is over, Reyes promises to help Marston and then gives an admirable speech to his men calling for revolution and telling them this is their time.

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